Edd and Laurens New Texas House!


August 7th, 2004


We have been hunting for the past few months for a house. We have searched far and wide across the Metroplex area. We checked out the expensive neighborhoods, the dirt cheap ones, and everything in between. We toyed with the idea of getting an existing house, however we decided to go ahead and build new. It will be a little more, but it will be awesome to have a house that no one else has lived in, plus we’ll be able to customize it and pick out everything just like we want it. We finally settled today on a community called Trinity Lakes (http://www.trinitycustomhomes.com/).


It is centrally located, close to both Fort Worth and Dallas. Here is a map of the location (map). We are going to be in the neighborhood on the north side of Trinity Road. It is very centrally located near lots of restaurants and shopping. I feel very confident that this is going to be a really nice place to be.


Here is a picture taken in 2001 of the lake that we are going to be living on. This is a few years old, but you can see the existing homes on the southeast side of the lake that had already been built. We will be on the west side of the lake with our backyard backing up to the lake. (http://terraserver.microsoft.com/image.aspx?t=4&s=11&x=1674&y=9077&z=14&w=2)


The actual lots we are looking at have not opened up yet, but the sales ladies tell us they will be ready around October. We have to go down and reserve a lot when the phase opens up. I’ve expressed a lot of interest in the area, and I told them that I’d be down there the moment they call me to reserve our lot!


Here is the builders master plan for the area (http://www.trinitycustomhomes.com/images/TrinityLakes_Large2.gif ) 


Here is the floor plan that we have picked out. (http://www.trinitycustomhomes.com/community/index.cfm?action=plan&planID=5&communityID=19 )




Here are pictures of the lots. We don’t have one picked out yet, but the next phase that will open up will be just to the left of here. These lots have been sold.








Trinity Rail Express runs past the north side of the development





Sunday November 7th, 2004


For the past 2 months I have been working diligently on my floor plans for our new house. We reserved our lakeside lot in mid-October and have since spent the last 2 weeks finalizing the floor plans with the architect. Here is the architects copy of our finalized floor plan, 1660 square feet:



Here are PDFs of AutoCAD drawings I made:


A1.1 – Base Floor Plan (notes are modifications to original plan)

A1.2 – Furniture Plan

A1.3 – Bathroom Detail

E1.1 – Lighting Plan

E1.2 – Power Plan

E1.4 – Motorized Shades / Lighting Controls

AV1.1 – Surround Sound / Whole House Audio

SS1.1 – Networking/CATV

SS1.2 – Networking Wall Details

SS1.3 – Networking Wall Details

P1.1 – Plumbing


Here are some 3D model views of the whole house. You’ll have to rotate them 90 degrees counter clockwise. These were especially useful in laying out the living room:


3D – SW

3D – SE

3D – NW

3D – NE


And finally, some renderings of the kitchen with the lights installed. This gave me a good idea of how bright my work surfaces were going to be in the kitchen:






We have a meeting this week with the builder to go over everything prior to construction. After that, there is about a 2-week delay for permits. Construction should break ground by the end of November, and it should be done by March! I will keep tedious picture records of everything and will post everything to this page to keep you updated.



January 2nd, 2005


Yay for progress! Finally broke ground. Batter boards are up and the trenches are dug for the plumbing.





Panorama – Might be distorted, depending on web browser. Click the little icon in the bottom right corner of the picture to have it stretch out to full size.





January 17th, 2005


Pouring the slab tomorrow. Here are some pictures of it ready to be poured.





Here are PDFs of the structural foundation, plumbing, and sewer as-built plans.


S1.1 – Structural Foundation

P1.1 – Plumbing

P1.2 – Sewer




January 18th, 2005






January 27th, 2005







January 31st, 2005








February 4th, 2005








February 9th, 2005












February 17th, 2005









March 5th, 2005












March 19th, 2005

























March 30th, 2005






















April 8th, 2005

Closing Day!










May 1st, 2005

Project #1 – Back Yard Patio








May 15th, 2005

Project #2 – Garage Upfit







June 21st, 2005

Aerial Photo of Neighborhood from Airplane







July 10th, 2005

Misc Photos of House now that we’ve lived in it for a while












October 15th, 2005

Project #3 – Sprinkler System















November 8th, 2005

Project #4 – Back Yard Flower Beds and Landscape Lighting