Its about time I start writing this stuff down before I forget it. So everyone knows by now that Lauren and I are moving to Texas! Some of you have been fortunate enough to know from the very beginning, but unfortunately, for confidentiality reasons, I have been able to inform some of you until I turned in my notice to RMF (sorry Zach!!)

So where did this harebrain scheme we got come from? Well, when Lauren was applying to law schools earlier in the year, we got very excited about the opportunity for her to go to SMU in Dallas, TX. Unfortunately Lauren did not get in this time around. So we were talking one night and decided that hey, we’re young, lets go anyway! So the next day I started sending resumes and damn if I didn’t get a hit 3 days later. I got a callback from Carter and Burgess. They have an office in Raleigh, so my preliminary interview was up here. From what I can guess, the guy who interviewed me must have liked me because I got a call from the Fort Worth office and they are flying me down!


Thursday June 3rd, 2004


Well, our journey begins today! It is June 3rd, 2004 and Lauren and I are miles above the earth on our way to Fort Worth. We both have interviews limned up for tomorrow. I will be interviewing at Carter and Burgess, a large engineering firm in Fort Worth. Lauren received a call moments before we boarded our plane from a law firm in Dallas. It sounds like they want her to help do some clerical work while she prepares for law school next year. We are both on top of the world right now-but we’ll find out tomorrow if we’ll stay there.

My interviews are starting at 10am and going all day long. I have my suit packed away in my bag-have to be pretty! Lauren has her girl suit as well. She’s almost as pretty as me in it! We are going to get into DFW airport at 8:54 their time. They are an hour behind N.C. We have a rental car that we are going to use all weekend while we cruise the area. Our plan is to go to the interviews on Friday and then spend Saturday and Sunday exploring the area and looking for apartments. We have a few picked out that we like. I found one on a lake, and Lauren found one downtown that is in an old renovated school building. I will probably have a new entry on Sunday to let everyone know which one we picked. Maybe if we get time we’ll go drive out into the plains and do some storm chasing!


Our flight got in right on time. We went to get our rental car and it turned out that all they had was a Pontiac Sunfire. We frowned at that, and because I’m a shrewd bargainer, and Lauren is so pretty, we were able to get a convertible Mustang instead!





So hot damn, the trip is off to a good start. We took a few minutes to take pictures of it and then we were cruising town with the top down! When we got to our hotel we were amazed. It is in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, right in the middle of everything! We requested a high room so we could see everything-she put us up on the 17th floor.



So after we got settled in and checked our car with the parking attendants, we went to explore the city. Fort Worth is SO different from Durham and Raleigh. There are actually people walking around downtown without fear of getting mugged or shot. There are restaurants and bars open all night long and its just such a nice place to be. About the time we got downstairs a Broadway performance of Les Miserables was getting out right across the road at the world class Bass Performance Hall.

To top it all off, Im gonna be working right in the middle of it all! 30 restaurants within walking distance everyday. Pretty neat. So after we found something to eat at one of the late night restaurants, we came in and crashed-long day ahead of us tomorrow.


Downtown Ft Worth from our hotel


Downtown Ft Worth from our hotel


Downtown Ft Worth




The big day is here. Lauren and I both have job interviews today. Mine started at 10am and lasted until right around 4pm. Quite a long day. I interviewed with 6 different people and met everyone that I will be working with. They are all super nice and even during my interview I felt very comfortable and relaxed around them.



Laurens interview went well in Dallas. She interviewed with a law firm for a general office clerical position. Afterwards we were worn out,



but we were on a limited time budget so we had to get exploring. So we checked our car out of the parking garage (which by the way, has car elevators in it) and we were off again with the top down. We were just cruising around town exploring when my phone rang. It was the big guy from Carter & Burgess who had conducted my interview. He had a few more questions for me and then he told me “We’re going to be able to offer you something”!!!! We talked about salary and starting date and we essentially had a verbal agreement right then-2 hours after my interview ended. After we got done cruising the town, we decided to go celebrate my job offer. What better place to go than Mexican! We checked out a little place right down the street from our hotel. It was good-Tex-Mex style if you will.



 After dinner we took another opportunity to walk around downtown and check out everything. Eventually we were so tired we came back and were in bed by 11.


Carter & Burgess building


Ft Worth Courthouse





Ok, so I have a job, the next task is to find a place to live. We decided since I’ll be working in Fort Worth and Lauren will be in Dallas for school and work, we will look at apartments in the middle. That would put us in Arlington. We drove about 15 minutes down the road, and all of a sudden we see Six Flags and the Texas Rangers Stadium. That means we’re in Arlington. Turns out we’re living right down the road from both of those. So we started around 10am looking at apartments. We saw some dumps and some really nice overpriced ones. We finally decided upon one called St. Laurent ( ). It is in Grand Prarie, just over the line from Arlington. Very nice place. It turns out that they have a deal with the local golf course that residents get FREE driving range usage and discounted golf rates.

My local golf course


We took a break to eat lunch at Taco Bueno. It was everything I hoped it could be. Cheap prices, and their bean burritos beat Taco Bell’s bean burritos hands down. I got a souvenir menu so I will always remember my first trip to Taco Bueno. I also saw Taco Cabana, and Taco Casa, but Ill have to check those out later. After looking at a few more apartments, we took a break and went to the Fort Worth Stockyards. This is a historical district in downtown. When you think of The Old West, this is it. I felt like I was living in the 1850s back during the gold rush. They had saloons and when you walked in you saw the dust on the bottles, the low light, the deer antler chandeliers and the old wooden floors.  Lauren tamed and rode a bull while we were walking around (pictures to come).

Historic Stockyard District



Lauren tamed a wild bull


Rodeo – this weekend = National HS Rodeo Finals




White Elephant Saloon



So after apartment hunts, Taco Bueno and the stockyards, we went to check out one more apartment out on Eagle Mountain Lake. They advertised lakefront views. That was a bluff-you couldn’t even see the lake unless you walked down to the docks. Even then it was just a little creek. To top it all off it was 20 miles west of Fort Worth, so we decided against that one. We went home after Lauren grumped about being sleepy and rested for a little while. Afterwards we went out to find some good Texas eats. We went to Risky’s BBQ and we had the best steaks I have ever had in my life! I guess the freshness of the beef really makes a difference because they were goooood.  After dinner we decided to explore so we got in the convertible again and just headed south. We ended up halfway to Waco before we decided to turn around and come home for the night. We had decided on our apartment so we agreed that we were going to go back Sunday and fill out our paperwork.


Our new apartment!




Today we headed over to the apartments to fill out paperwork. Unfortunately they were closed, so we went to the Texas Rangers ballpark instead. The ballpark and Six Flags are like 5 minutes from our apartment. Sweet!





We finally did get back to our apartment and filled out our application. We got a 1-bedroom apartment with a garage for my Explorer and boxes and covered parking for Lauren’s car. I hear the covered parking is a good thing to have, especially with those wicked Texas thunderstorms. So after we did the apartment stuff we decided to visit Dallas a little bit. We rode through downtown and took a few pictures.




Texas State Flag



We also stopped at a little historical shopping district. Kinda neat. Finally we headed up to explore northern Dallas and we found SMU (where Lauren wants to go to school next year).




We rode through SMU for a minute and then it was time to head to the airport for our flight home.  On the way to the airport we could see a big storm brewing. Luckily we just beat it out in time!


FINALLY got home around 1:30am Monday morning. What a looong weekend. All in all, a very successful weekend – two job interviews, one job offer and an apartment.


Wednesday June 9th, 2004


Got my offer letter today. I am going to wait to tell Jim until Monday because he’s on vacation Wed, Thurs and Friday.


Monday, June 14th, 2004


Today is the day I have been dreading the most - telling my boss that I’m leaving. So I had my resignation letter all typed and ready to go. I walked in the door and damn if we aren’t having a department meeting first thing instead of the usual 10:30am start time. So I had to sit through an hour and a half long meeting with my heart just racing. Finally the meeting was over and I was able to go tell him the news. I starting shutting the door and he knew right then what was up. I believe his exact words were “you’re not leaving too, are you??” Unfortunately I was. I sat down and talked to him about it for a few minutes. He wished me good luck and told me thanks for everything I had done. Went a lot better than I expected. So I gave two weeks notice, making my last day Friday June 25th, 2004.


Tuesday June 22nd, 2004


Been cleaning up and packing for about a month now.


Just wanted to throw a tidbit in. Flushing ten pounds of rice down the garbage disposal WILL clog your drain! Don’t do it!


Thursday June 24th, 2004


In true gEEk fashion, I have purchased a GPS for my computer. It is badass. I got a copy of a program called MapPoint and it shows exactly where you are on the map and even talks to you! We have our route planned out. We are going to stop in Nashville the first night and Little Rock the second night. We should be in Grand Prairie on the third day. We might stop in Memphis-depends on how the kitties are doing.



Friday June 25th, 2004


Today is my last day of work at RMF. I sure am going to miss everyone. They took me out to Texas Steakhouse for lunch-seems like an appropriate place since I am getting ready to move to Texas. I pretty much wrapped up all my projects before lunch so after lunch I had to come back to my cube for the last time and pack up my stuff. I think it finally hit me when I started taking my decorations down that I really am leaving. It’s sad having to leave all my buddies at RMF, but at the same time I know it’s opening up a whole new world to me and Lauren so its worth it. I packed everything up by about 2pm and I took the rest of the day off since I didn’t really have anything left to do.


Wednesday, June 30th, 2004


Today is the day that our moving truck came. It got there around noon and managed to knock a 5 inch branch off of a tree in the parking lot-oops! We ran back to Durham to pick up some furniture and ended up packing around 5pm until 10pm. I must say, we had a LOT of junk. It took 5 people a good solid 5 hours to pack it all in the truck. Many thanks to Laurens family for helping us! We had to pay by the foot for the moving truck, so we wanted to stack everything vertically as much as possible. We ended up getting everything we owned into 10 feet of trailer for a grand total of $1028. Here are pictures:




Laurens Brother




Laurens Mom lowering stuff over the balcony with a rope!


Hard earned dinner break




Thursday, July 1st, 2004


Today we cleaned the apartment, turned in our keys, and sent the moving truck on its way. Goodbye Raleigh!


Friday, July 2nd, 2004


This weekend will be the last weekend with the family. We are up at the lake enjoying the weather, sort of – it poured down rain most of the evening-Hence the reason I am nerding on the computer.


Here is a map and driving directions to our new apartment. This is the route we will be taking with stops in Nashville, Little Rock, and maybe Memphis.


Here are some pictures of the family from this weekend. I spent some time fishing and golf cart riding with the youngins.


Watching July 4th fireworks




Fishing-yes Andrew on the left is naked except for a life jacket.




Sunday, July 4th, 2004


This doesn’t really have anything to do with Texas, but our last night at the lake went out in style. We had a nice thunderstorm roll across the south side of the lake. I got some really good pictures of it.






Monday, July 5th, 2004


After a long weekend at the lake with the family, we were back home and all packed to go. Laurens parents came over and visited for a little while with my parents. We opened a few presents and then it was time to go to bed. I spent the night at Laurens house so we could just get up and leave Tuesday morning without worrying about me getting there on time. So I said my goodbyes to my parents and sister. It was sad, but exciting at the same time.


Tuesday, July 6th, 2004


The big day is here! Lauren woke up early and said her goodbyes to her parents. We ended up getting on the road around 11:30am, only 30 minutes behind schedule. We only stopped three times - once for lunch, once for gas, and once to take a picture of the Welcome to Tennessee sign. We ended up driving 8-½ hours-by far the longest leg of the trip- and 535 miles. We ran through some intense thunderstorms on the way into Tennessee. The halfway point of our trip was about 2 miles before the state line-so next time you drive to Asheville and think it’s a long drive, imagine driving an hour past Asheville and still being only halfway there! Just into Tennessee we ran into some bad thunderstorms. I love storms, but even I was a little scared. The radio kept chiming in with the Emergency Broadcast System announcement telling everyone to take cover immediately. We kept on trucking though! When we got into Nashville, I managed to get us lost, but we finally found our hotel, snuck the cats in, and settled down with $20 worth of Taco Bell. What a day.


Here is an excel spreadsheet with graphs of latitude, longitude, speed, elevation, and heading of our first day, captured through my bad-ass GPS system.


Here is a map of our first day’s leg.


Here are some pictures of today’s adventures.


Kitty Cabana


Nerd Electronics







Wicked Storm!



Relaxing at First Hotel



Wednesday, July 7th, 2004


Today we drove from Nashville to Dallas. At first we had planned on just going to Little Rock, but since we got there at 5pm, we decided to go ahead and drive the other 6 hours to Dallas. So we ended up driving 11 hours today. Arkansas was pretty boring. We got into Texas around 10pm and then it was another hour and a half to Dallas, and another 30 minutes to our hotel. We got there about 12, sneaked the cats in, order pizza, and then crashed.


Here is an excel spreadsheet with graphs of latitude, longitude, speed, elevation, and heading of our first day, captured through my bad-ass GPS system.


Here is a map of our first day’s leg.



More stormy weather



Mighty Mississippi


Arkansas is FLAT


Made it!





Thursday, July 8th, 2004


We woke up early today (9am) and went to get our apartment! The nice girl who showed us the apartment was there and she helped us out with our lease. Everything went smoothly, until we went to look at it. Turned out it wasn’t clean yet. We got there about the same time the carpet cleaner guy did. No problem, we’d just go back to the hotel to get the cats and Adam and then we’d come back. We went to Taco Bueno en route back and they still weren’t done! A little inconvenience, but still not a big deal. We drove around Grand Prairie for a little bit, came back around 1pm and they were finally done cleaning it. We unloaded both of our cars and sat around waiting for the moving truck to come. We were told sometime between 12noon and 3pm. 4pm rolled around and it still wasn’t here so we called, only to be told, “uh, we didn’t know we were supposed to deliver it today.” After a little miscommunication we finally had our moving trailer around 6pm that night. We proceeded to unload it and sweat profusely in the Texas heat.


Oops! Look like St. Laurent goofed again! We were ready to load stuff into the garage now, but Edgar informed us that someone’s car was still in there! Seems they double booked the garage this month. At this point we were starting to question the competence of the St. Laurent staff. After some friendly talks with the neighbors and the office, the neighbors agreed that since they were getting ready to move, they would go ahead and empty the garage for us. But that wouldn’t be until Friday. We ended up having to leave the trailer half full and commence unloading for the night. We retired to the couch with a 12-pack of Corona.



Before the unloading of the trailer





Friday, July 9th, 2004


After finally getting everything loaded into the garage we took Adam out to see some sights. We took him to the Stockyards in Fort Worth where he rode a bull with balls bigger than my head. He also rode a mechanical bull and lasted all of 8 seconds.


Adam on bull



Texas Coke Machine


Mechanical Bull




Water Garden in downtown Ft Worth (temporarily closed)



Fort Worth Performance Hall


Our moving trailer


This evening we went to a famous western bar called Billy-Bobs Texas. The most ingenious thing I’ve ever seen in a bar is a gift shop -- what better place to make drunken impulse purchases! I impulsively purchased a Willie Nelson Live at Billy-Bobs CD. Turned out that even the next morning it was still a good purchase though.



Saturday, July 10th, 2004


Went to Dallas today. There was a festival going on that we walked through for a little bit. We also stopped at the grassy knoll and the Texas Book Depository. We purchased a souvenir newspaper from a street vendor, but we decided not to go into the official museum. It was kind of eerie knowing that a president got killed right there where we were. There was even an X on the road where the fatal shot hit him.


Book Depository


Grassy Knoll


Famous Fence on grassy knoll


We also went to Speed Zone and raced 300hp drag cars. What a rush! 0-70 in 3 seconds.


Sophie watching late night Skinamax



Sunday, July 11th, 2004


Went to Six Flags over Texas today. Rode a bunch of roller coasters. Kinda hot, fun rides, lotsa crowds, no pictures.


Monday, July 12th, 2004


Today was my first day of work at Carter & Burgess. I left the apartment expecting to catch some traffic, but I ended up not catching a bit the whole way. 17.7 miles in about 25 minutes-not too bad. I had new employee orientation with the HR people most of the morning, then in the afternoon I set up my desk and computer and finally did a bit of real work about 3pm.  No pictures of my new office and coworkers, but I will get some eventually.


We got new cell phones tonight! Cingular camera phones for 29.99. Here is a summary of all our new contact information.


Apartment:                   817-642-3317

Edd’s Cell:                   214-458-2253

Lauren’s Cell:               214-458-2267

Edds Work:                  817-735-7178


Edds work email:

Edd’s email:        

Lauren’s email:   


New address:               2825 N. Hwy 360

                                    Apt. #740

                                    Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Virtual (sorta) Tour of our Apartment! Pardon the mess in the bedroom, still a work in progress.






Garden Tub













View from Balcony


View from Balcony




Saturday July 24th, 2004


We saved an armadillo this weekend. We were going out one night and there was a poor little armadillo in the road. We figured he was dead, so we pulled over to look since we'd never seen an armadillo before. Poor thing was still breathing! So we went home and got a box to put him in and moved him to the side of the road. The next morning we came back by and he was gone, so he either made it or something ate him.



Thursday, July 29th, 2004





Slideshow: Mystery Animal Found in Texas !!!


This is what I have to deal with living down here in Texas. No one has any clue what it is. Some people think it is the feared Mexican Chupacabra. AKA "Goat Sucker"


Here are some links to information about it:



Saturday July 31st, 2004


Tonight we went to a Texas Rangers baseball game! It was cool – my first major league baseball game. They ended up losing 9-4, but it was still a neat experience. It was actually sold out which is pretty amazing for a major league regular season game. It was the first place team  (Texas) vs the second place team (Oakland) on a Saturday night, so maybe that’s why it was sold out. We had seats on the third level. Here is a picture. Took the picture with my camera phone, so its not as clear as the rest of the pictures.



Before the game, we were near downtown Ft Worth and we saw a big plume of smoke shooting up through the air. We still saw it smoking when we got to the game. It turned out it was a gas tanker truck on fire about ¼ of a mile from our apartment. It was shooting 50-foot flames into the air and burnt through the power and cable lines! We briefly lost power and were without cable until Sunday morning. 





Sunday, August 1st, 2004


 We thought the fire near our apartment was eventful, but nothing could compare to what we saw on Sunday. Sunday I was driving down I-20 around 5pm. This guy on a motorcycle comes zooming by us around 75mph. Lauren said something along the lines of "I dont understand helmets. If he falls off going this fast the helmet isnt gonna do much good." Almost as if on cue, right when she finished saying that sentence you see the guy just go flying through the air! It looked to us like he was riding up on someones ass too fast, and then that person hit their brakes. His gut instinct was to sqeeze that front brake as hard as he could to stop. As a result, he ended up flipping over the handlebars and doing about 3 head-over-feet summersaults before coming to a rough landing on the asphalt. It was very horrible to see-one of those slow motion deals where you cant believe it really happened.

We were about 5 carlengths behind and we pulled over and called 911. A bunch of other people stopped too. He was lying face down on the road not moving. He was skint up real bad on his legs, shoulders, and arms. He just had on shorts and a tank top, not a leather bike jacket. He was breathing, but definately not conscious. I couldnt believe he wasnt ripped in half the way he went flying through the air. The ambulance eventually got there and I dont think he ever regained consciousness by the time he got in the ambulance. I looked in the paper this morning, but I didnt see anything about the wreck.

I took some pictures of him lying on the ground and of the bike. Not to be morbid, but just to remind myself of what can happen if you're not careful:

Saturday August 7th, 2004

Well, we have been looking for quite some time for houses. Our lease runs up in March, and we want to go ahead and have a place to live in by then. I have created a separate page dedicated to our house search, because I believe this can probably get pretty lengthy.  newhouse.htm

Sunday August 15th, 2004

Bought new furniture today. Instead of one sofa and a loveseat, we bought TWO sofas! Only $21 more to do that. We also bought some pretty sweet tables to match. Grand total  $1613!



Thursday August 19th, 2004

After 4 years of putting up with me I decided it was time for Lauren to get a ring. I ended up giving in to her on a Thursday after work. I sent her a dozen roses with a message “I’ve got a surprise for you after work.” She knew something was up so when she walked in the door after work, this is what she saw:

I managed to get the whole thing on video! I had it hidden on a bookshelf. Video turned out kind of dark, but the sound was perfect. Now we’ll be able to remember that moment forever. Here is a close-up of the ring:


Friday August 20th, 2004

Our first night as an engaged couple we went to the Bass Performance Hall ( to see a Broadway performance of Beauty and the Beast. The hall was amazing-very beautiful building. Here is a picture I took with my phone:


Saturday September 4th, 2004

Labor Day weekend we decided to get out and do something. We thought about going to San Antonio for the weekend, but since we’re trying to save money for a house we decided against that. Instead we just hung out around town. On Saturday we took the train ( into Dallas and walked around some of the shopping centers.  Public transportation is pretty cool down here. The train was VERY nice and there were no crack-heads on it-just normal people and families. We only had to drive ½ a mile from our apartment to the train station and after that we took trains and trolleys the whole time.


Monday September 6th, 2004

Tried to go the Fort Worth Zoo yesterday ( but it seemed everyone else in the Metroplex had the same idea. We got there and saw how crowded it was and decided against it. Instead we went to Home Depot and got some supplies to make a kitty fort. We copied one at PetSmart that would have cost us like $150. We got everything from Home Depot for $30 plus we got to have fun making it! Here is a picture before carpet. We wanted to be sure they’d pay attention to it before we put the carpet on:

After carpet:


Monday September 20th, 2004

Sophie, the die-hard NC State fan.


Thursday September 29th, 2004

We went home this weekend. Glad we got to see everyone! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any pictures. Besides, this is a Texas web page, not an NC web page!


Saturday October 9th, 2004

We got our new furniture today! It takes up all of our tiny living room in our 632ft^2 apartment. Thank goodness we’ll be in our house soon! Here is a picture of all the guys and Sophie testing it out.


Sunday October 24th, 2004

Went to the Ft Worth Zoo today. It was cloudy and overcast, but it was still warm –especially for late October. Clouds meant there weren’t a lot of people there, so we didn’t have to fight crowds. We saw lots of cool animals doing cool things. We saw a rhino and a baboon take a pee and we saw the male lion and a baby warthog do a number 2. We watched the orangutans for like an hour. They were so smart! This dumb Mexican threw a piece of food down to one, and the other ones came over and started holding out there hands as if saying, “gimme more!” At one point one ate an orange, took the peel and threw it up at everyone! Then someone grabbed it, threw it back down. He caught it and then threw it back at the crowd. Pretty smart animals. Here are a bunch of pictures:


Sunday November 7th, 2004

Engagement announcement is in the Durham Herald-Sun today! Here it is in case you don’t get the paper:


Mr. and Mrs. Garry Brooks of Durham, NC would like to announce the engagement of their daughter, Lauren C. Brooks, to Edd H. Lovette III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Lovette Jr. of Durham, NC.

The bride-elect is a graduate of Northern High School and North Carolina State University with a degree in Political Science. Miss Brooks currently works as a Legal Specialist at Progressive Concepts in Fort Worth, Texas.

The prospective bridegroom is also a graduate of Northern High School and North Carolina State University, where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Lovette currently works as an Electrical Engineer at Carter & Burgess in Fort Worth, Texas.

The couple plan to be married Sept. 17, 2005.

We are planning a Sept 17th 2005 wedding at the Burke Manor Inn in Burlington, NC. (

Also, some big news about the house. We went and reserved our lot last Wednesday. They went on sale at 11:00am. Lauren and I took an early lunch and got to the sales office around 10:45am. We were the first ones there, so we had first pick! Two more couples walked in right around 10:55am, but luckily none of us wanted the same lot, so it didn’t matter who got there first. We ended up getting the exact lot we wanted – we are in the middle of the lakefront lots. We will have a beautiful view!

I will post details about the floor plan and everything on the house webpage: newhouse.htm



Thanksgiving November 25th, 2004

First visitors! Lauren’s parents came to visit us for Thanksgiving. We had our feast in our tiny apartment and then went out showing them around Fort Worth. They were here from Thursday until Sunday. We have never had to entertain anyone for that long before! We had a good time, but we were worn out afterwards. Here are a few pictures:



Christmas parade in downtown Ft Worth.

 Dealy Plaza:

 Our Christmas Tree


Saturday Dec 18th, 2004

For my birthday, Lauren got me some flight lessons! I have always enjoyed the idea of flying a plane. Ever since I was little I had the Microsoft Flight Simulator game and I would waste hours playing on it. Now I finally get to try my hand at the real thing. We had a “Discovery Flight” to start off with. We went up for about an hour or so and flew around S.W. Dallas. Lauren actually went up and she said she enjoyed it a lot. When we leveled off around 2000ft, the instructor let me take the controls. Pretty cool! I bought my ground school package ($300!) and I will get started with the actual lessons after we get settled into our house.


Dec 22nd - 27th, 2004

Went home for the holidays. Didn’t have enough sense to bring my camera though. Stayed busy a lot of the time running around visiting. Trip was too short though. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next time we’re home-probably around March.


New Years, 2004

Went to New Orleans for the new year. It was a blast, but very crowded. Good food too-especially the Jambalaya!

Our hotel:

Lauren’s Cousin Daniel and wife Sherry


Lauren’s Mom w/ a big black dildo




Lauren and Squiggy

Real World House

Really Foggy


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Update!: newhouse.htm